Pleased to meet you

Most of the time I wish I could split myself in three:

  • One me would stay here in Brooklyn and eat fresh mozzarella and drink cocktails, catch the occasional rock or bluegrass show.
  • One would have a front porch with a swing not too far from my family (somewhere with dark skies and lightning bugs). Frequent fried chicken would be involved, but it would be balanced out by all the hiking.
  • The other would travel all over, toting around a camera, doing some research from time to time.

The best fortune cookie I ever got foretold, “you will travel far and wide for both business and pleasure,” and so far that’s been pretty much true. I get a kick out of telling my family in Alabama how much New Yorkers are willing to pay for a few boiled peanuts (fellow Southerners, it is truly shocking, like they’re selling gold on rural roadsides).

I’m in the middle of my PhD these days, so will be posting a little more about professional things than the fun travel and consumption of the past.

If you’re wondering what the name of this blog is about, you’ll find that here.

Sit down, stay awhile. And thanks for stopping by.


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