Salty sweet holiday perfection

In some corners Christmas celebrations are ramping up. Maybe you’ve been invited to a “cookie swap” or another party where you’re supposed to bring some snack. Maybe you want to butter up the office before the end of the year. Or you just want to sit at home alone looking at your neighbor’s twinkling lights with something delicious in your mouth. Whatever the situation, this recipe has you covered. It has it all, even a step that lets you take out some of that holiday stress on the food.

While you’re cooking (not that long) this site has you covered for the Christmas songs you really want to hear:


Salty-sweet festive crackers

1 box of Saltines (don’t go fancy or healthy here–get that cheap box with plenty of salt)

2 sticks of butter

1 cup of dark brown sugar

melting chocolate (as with all recipes, better ingredients will give you a better end product, and you can use white chocolate or dark with good results)

1 box of candy canes

1 hammer

1 cookie sheet

Start with the fun part and get out some of that stress. Wrap your box of candy canes (still in the box and still in the wrapper is fine) in a tea towel or other thin cloth. Bash the box with the hammer (I use the side of the hammer for efficiency and to not ruin the floor). All shattered? Good. Now separate the candy from the wrappers and set it aside. Heat your oven to around 375. Line a cookie sheet with foil and grease the foil to prevent sticking. Lay saltines flat on the cookie sheet with edges touching, but without any overlap. In a saucepan heat the butter and brown sugar until just boiling, stirring the whole time to prevent burning. Cook for a minute or two with a low boil and constant stirring. Pour this gooey concoction over your saltines and cook in the oven for about 5 minutes, or until it starts to bubble.

Now you have to work fast. While it is still hot, break your chocolate all over the gooey saltines and spread out as evenly as you can. You can turn the oven off now, because you want the heat from the goo to melt the chocolate, not the oven. Once your chocolate is spread out, take your peppermint shards and scatter them all over the melted chocolate.

Let cool, break into pieces, and try not to eat the whole pan yourself before your friends get to try some.



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