Apple peel crisps

If you’re spending any time these days cooking with apples–and you should be! apples are so wonderful right now-you may find yourself with piles of peels. I’m sure there are lots of wonderful things you can do, but my favorite is just making apple peel crisps out of them.
Apple peel crisps

Turn your oven to its lowest setting, and put your apple peels on a baking sheet in there  until they dry out. How long this takes will depend on lots of things, like how much apple you leave on the peels, how humid it is outside, and how hot your oven is, but I left mine in for about an hour. I like to put the peels on their sides so they don’t stick to the baking sheet, but you can also just lift them up and move them around every now and then. These are great as-is if you have good apples, or you can add some spices if you can’t stop yourself. I just eat these by themselves but I can imagine they would be a great add-on to either sweet or savory recipes–a little crunchy, apple-y accent.

I should mention that I picked these apples myself so I knew they weren’t covered in wax or chemicals or any of those other things that are done to apples to make them look more photogenic. If your apple’s skins are covered in waxes or chemicals this might not work out to be as healthy or as tasty as mine were.

What was I doing to get all these peels? Today it was making applesauce, which is so easy and so much better than what you get in stores, that if you’ve never done it, I challenge you to try it out next time you have a bowlful of apples to use up.

What do you do with your peels?


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