It’s what’s inside that counts


This may not look like much. Just a slightly damp post-office box. But if you asked me what I missed most when I was in London it was these packages.

Now you may be a member of a CSA, or you may have picked your own apples a time or two, but you don’t know where your food comes from the way I do when I open these boxes.

This is my own little private CSA, and while I didn’t help grow these particular vegetables, I have hoed a few of these rows since a young age.

Let’s meet the farmer, and then I’ll show you the vegetables.


This is my grandfather. Every summer he maintains what he calls a garden (two actually), but which if transported to Brooklyn would qualify as a small farm.


It is full of delicious wonders. Squash, peas, tomatoes, beans, okra, peppers, potatoes, mustard greens, corn, grapes, flowers, lettuces. I’m definitely forgetting a few things. This is the food I ate growing up. Fresh, all summer, to the point where by the end of each August I never wanted to see another yellow squash again (fool!). And then we’d eat the remainders canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved the rest of the year.

Because I miss home so much my wonderful grandparents have sent me little perishable boxes of some of that summer bounty every year since I graduated college. I’ve been known to carry a huge sack of fresh vegetables as my carry-on when I leave my visits to Alabama. Due to pesky agricultural restrictions I missed out on these packages when we were living in the UK. So I am thrilled for that reason alone to be back in the US this summer (other reasons too).

So what came in this one?


Fresh peas, beans, okra, tomatoes and a whole lot of love. I can’t wait to cook this up.



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