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A lot of people I know are in book clubs, and even though I love to read I’ve never been all that excited about joining one. Maybe it is because as a child I was always too shy to get my full participation points in class and it seems like all the talky people in book club will do most of the talking while I just sit there quietly. Childhood can scar like that. The part that always did sound pretty good though is getting together with a group of people and just hanging out with some wine and maybe some food. I’ve never had a problem being the person eating or cooking at a party. So with that in mind I’ve decided to start a cookbook club. The first meeting is tomorrow night, and the first cookbook is Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi.  The idea is that each meeting the host will pick a cookbook and a group of interested people will come together and make things just out of that cookbook, potluck style.

This pick is a sentimental favo(u)rite because when I lived in London, Ottolenghi was the fancy deli/pastry shop in the neighborhood that I would go to on occasional afternoons for a pick-me-up after a lonely day in the home office. Everything there always looked wonderful, and they had outdoor seating that got sunshine around 3pm (when that is, the sun was ever out), about the time I wanted a break and a snack.

Ottolenghi tart

Yotam has a column in the Guardian and this cookbook compiles the best of the vegetarian dishes.

The funny thing is I would usually go there and just have a sweet and an espresso, and this is probably the only cookbook I own that doesn’t have a single recipe for a dessert in it. Maybe I’ll have to get another one of his cookbooks for that.

Have any of you ever been in a cookbook club? What made it work? What cookbooks have you used?


Want to know how it all turned out?


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