Happy Father’s Day

A big Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, who as you can see, taught me from an early age to be adventurous with my eating:


Daddy and Eva

While those of you who are lucky enough to live somewhere near your fathers are taking him out to brunch, I am stealing mine’s recipes.

When I come home for a visit one thing that is always on the list of foods I want is Milanesa, one of my dad’s specialties. It is simple, but really delicious.

Here he is at work on a batch.



Go to the butcher, or if you don’t have a butcher, go to the meat counter at the grocery store. Either place, get a nice hunk of meat, like rump steak and ask them to cut it as thinly as they can.
When you get home, make a little work station for yourself.
Station one: a big pile of all that thinly-sliced meat
Station two: a plate with a pile of flour
Station three: a raw egg or two, scrambled, in a bowl
Station four: another plate with breadcrumbs, garlic salt, and cumin
Station five: a deep-fryer, bubbling with fresh oil

Take each piece of meat from station to station, dredging it in flour, running it through the egg, and pressing it into the breadcrumb mixture. Give it just a few minutes in the deep fryer, until each piece is golden brown. How long this takes depends on the thickness of your cut and the temperature of your oil. Here’s how it should look:


We always serve it with rice and a big salad, and if yours doesn’t look quite as perfect as this, don’t worry, mine never does either. That’s why it is his specialty and not mine.


Happy Father’s Day Daddy, and to all the good Daddies out there!


One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Thank you baby, this is better than any present any father could have. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, and your say more than enough . Thank you very much, I love you and of course I wish I could have you close by.


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